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Usability Dedicated Pouring Pump For Secondary Construction

Usability Dedicated Pouring Pump For Secondary Construction

Release time:
2017/05/11 17:45

  Secondary construction column dedicated pouring pump can be achieved long-distance high-rise building fine stone concrete, mortar and other transportation. Distribution valve using advanced S pipe valve, good sealing, simple and reliable structure. Eye plate and floating cutting ring with carbide, good wear resistance, long life, easy to replace, cutting ring can automatically compensate for the gap structure. Control mode with electricity - liquid control, with a perfect electric - liquid overload protection and instrument display system; with anti - pump operation function, easy to rule out the blockage; pumping speed can be adjusted to meet the needs of various conditions. Centralized lubrication system by the program automatically control the start and stop and run time, effectively extending the life of the rotating parts. Contactors and pushbutton switches and other electrical components, protection class can be achieved IP65, the use of PLC control, reliable, simple control lines, electrical boxes equipped with switches, easy to operate. The main seal using high-quality seals, put an end to the hydraulic system inside and outside the leakage. Feeding height at the end, easy to be equipped with a joint unit. Equipped with adjustable guide wheel, mobile, flexible positioning and convenient.

  The newly developed secondary structure of the column pump for large construction and construction of houses in the corner and the wall at the junction of the interior doors and windows around the middle of the wall and other places with concrete pouring some pillars and beams, beams, The whole together to enhance the stability of housing masonry and shock resistance.

  Proper use of secondary construction column dedicated pouring pump: When the hopper of the mortar material level is still above the S pipe axis when adding concrete, began to normal pumping, pay attention to the addition of concrete should meet the pumping requirements. Timely cleaning large aggregate to prevent large diameter aggregate into the hopper to prevent clogging. Cleaning the pipeline should be properly grasp, as far as possible in the pipeline of residual concrete can be used in the construction site, the machine can be pump directly pump method to clean the pipe to remember! In any case should be the cylinder hopper, Clean and clean.

  Secondary construction column dedicated pouring pump is a new multi-functional construction machinery developed on the basis of advanced technology at home and abroad. The product has wide application and can be used for building mortar transportation, geotechnical grouting large area spraying high, easy to operate , Safe and reliable, easy maintenance, compact structure, mobile and flexible, the product uses cam-type rotation, the piston structure of automatic pressure control system, flow, long life, to transport ratio of 1: 2.5 mortar, the product has reached International counterparts advanced level.

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