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The Secondary Structure of The Pouring Pump Solves The Problem of The Construction of The Column Pouring Artificial Work

The Secondary Structure of The Pouring Pump Solves The Problem of The Construction of The Column Pouring Artificial Work

Release time:
2017/05/11 17:44

  At present, China's construction machinery is undergoing an important change, the equipment is moving in the direction of high-speed, multi-functional development to meet the needs of the market. In order to meet the requirements of the construction period and reduce the cost of the process of circulation, the future construction machinery requirements for high-speed evolution. Therefore, in the future development, the secondary structure of the pump only the use of advanced technology is sufficient to enhance their competitiveness, to ensure sustainable development of enterprises.

  The traditional secondary structure can not use the mechanical filling, this problem has been plagued by the construction workers. In view of the characteristics of secondary construction column construction, the use of advanced development tools, small S pipe valve secondary structure pouring pump, successfully solved the construction of the column pouring process can only manual problems.

  Secondary structure pouring pump features:

  (1) the use of pump power is very small, only 9kw, in the case of no power supply with only one of the smallest generator can work.

  (2) is the smallest volume of concrete pump, is the only choice for many narrow construction environments.

  (3) pump light weight, easy to move.

  (4) pump configuration is high, full hydraulic operation, stable performance, compact structure, low failure rate, long life.

  (5) pump price affordable, miniature mortar pump, micro-fine stone concrete pump, micro-concrete pump three configurations for customers to choose.

  (6) pumping pressure is high, pumping distance away.

  (7) for the construction of column casting, good continuity, high transport efficiency, artificial pouring concrete on the hundreds of times.

  The development of the secondary structure pouring pump solves the problem that the concrete under certain special conditions is difficult to pump, thus raising the progress of the construction, reducing the labor intensity and reducing the input of the labor cost in the construction process. Secondary structure pouring pump using new technology, new materials, advanced processing technology, skilled technical workers carefully made to complete. Secondary construction column pouring pump market supply trends will be developed with the development of the machinery industry.

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