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Late Night For The Pump
Release time:
2017-05-11 17:39
4月3日零时50分,上夜班的外操工王一凡匆匆走进操作室:“原料泵电机温度偏高。我刚测78℃,你再确认一下。”班长陈秀文听后,赶紧去泵房查看。   原料泵是兰州石化炼油厂润滑油装置的命脉,整个装置输送“血液”的枢纽设备;一旦出现中断,生产将无法延续。一番仔细“问诊”后,陈秀文拿起对讲机:“中控室,原料泵叶轮损坏,不能继续运行。现在要紧急切换备用泵,请你们注意原料流量变化。”   1时,中控室
Brake Pad Wear Inconsistency Check The Pump Dust Cover And Brake Guide Pin
Brake system is an important guarantee for car safety, in which the brake pads and brake oil are relatively frequent replacement parts of the cycle, but also relatively prone to the problem of the sit
Yuan Wang VII Measuring Boat Sudden Fuel Pump Failure Sea Emergency Repair
Centralized control room, the main engine fuel pump fuel leakage, need to repair urgently ... ... "April 12, Yuan Wang VII measuring ship centralized control room suddenly received a report.
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