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Analysis on The Use And Application of Secondary Construction Pump

Analysis on The Use And Application of Secondary Construction Pump

Release time:
2017/05/11 17:44

  With the development of modern industry, construction mechanization has become a new trend in the future development. Secondary structure Pouring pump is fully mechanized operation, for artificial pouring concrete, pumping system is several times the artificial construction, saving time and labor costs, improve labor productivity. Rui Niu machinery research and development, production of hydraulic secondary structure pouring pump, the use of new technologies, new materials, advanced processing technology, skilled technical workers carefully completed. The factory before the inspectors carefully tested to ensure that each of the secondary structure of the high-quality pump poured. Our company is not to reduce the secondary structure of the pump technology performance, change the cost of product components on the basis of sincere to the most preferential prices available to users.

  The use of secondary construction pumps:

  When the hopper in the hopper material level is still above the S pipe axis when adding concrete, began to normal pumping, pay attention to the addition of concrete should meet the pumping requirements. Timely cleaning large aggregate to prevent large diameter aggregate into the hopper to prevent clogging. Cleaning the pipeline should be properly grasp, as far as possible in the pipeline of residual concrete can be used in the construction site, the machine can be pump directly pump method to clean the pipe to remember! In any case should be the cylinder hopper, Clean and clean.

  Secondary construction pump use:

  Used for tunnel excavation and maintenance of road and bridge dam mine construction of high - rise building foundation and various types of grouting construction. Secondary structure column filling, reservoir, hydropower station, port pier in a variety of pressure grouting, foundation treatment, soft foundation, reinforcement grouting, tunnel, subway mine construction backfill grouting bolt support. Peng wide business company professional sales, hydraulic secondary construction column dedicated pump, fine stone concrete pump, mortar pump, mortar pump and other construction machinery series, and other construction machinery accessories mixer water pump attached vibrator motor. Products Bocaizhongzhang long, combined with their own research essence, Seiko manufacturing, making the product has a multi-purpose machine, simple operation, save time and labor, easy to move and so on. Products from the market after the user praise, sales throughout the country

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