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Screw Pump Manufacturers Will Face A Thorough Reshuffle

Screw Pump Manufacturers Will Face A Thorough Reshuffle

Release time:
2017/05/11 17:34

  High viscosity liquid centrifugal pump or sewage pump is unable to meet the requirements of the conditions, with the results of these two pumps is the result of the pump motor speed slows the motor can not play a long time to cause the motor burned. That the screw pump is suitable for conveying high viscosity liquid? Then we have to analyze the following:

  The single screw pump is a very early application of a high viscosity pump. The rotor is a metal material of the single-headed male screw (in the vertical section perpendicular to the axis of the circle), the stator is mostly rubber material of the special double helix (in the vertical axis of the cross-section of the hole shape for the runway) The sealing line formed by rolling the rotor in the stator gradually moves toward the outlet end, thereby moving the liquid from the feed port to the discharge port along the axis. The pump has the advantage of smooth delivery, small pulsation and no agitation of the material, the solid particles are not sensitive. However, due to frictional resistance, its energy consumption is significantly higher than other forms of rotor pump. If compared with the gear pump, in the same flow, pressure and other indicators, the power configuration is basically 3: 1. Coupled with its stator material and other factors, the stator wear quickly, need to be replaced frequently, and can not be applied to high temperature occasions.

  The working rotor of a twin-screw pump (asphalt pump) is two screw shafts of the same size, and the left-hand thread on one shaft is engaged with the right-hand thread on the other shaft, and the two shafts are not in contact with each other due to the action of the synchronous gear , But to maintain a gap of about 0.05 to 0.15 mm, thus forming a separate sealed cavity. As the screw rotates, the liquid in the sealed chamber is brought from the feed port to the discharge port. The twin screw pump (asphalt pump) has some advantages of a single screw pump and a cam pump, and in recent years the twin screw pump has been optimized for structural optimization, such as simultaneous machining of the left and right screw threads on the same screw shaft to offset the shaft To the force, and external rolling bearings to directly support the screw outside the built-in sliding bearings (copper sets), synchronous gear is also changed in the middle of the screw, so the structure is greatly simplified, and the leakage point reduced to one. In spite of this, it is obviously not suitable for high temperature or strong corrosive media, etc., since the synchronizing gear is soaked in the high pressure medium of the outlet portion. As the screw processing, assembly and operation of high precision, more sensitive to impurities, especially when the material reaction

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