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YL-type Filter Press Dedicated Pump Installation To Pay Attention To What The Problem?

YL-type Filter Press Dedicated Pump Installation To Pay Attention To What The Problem?

Release time:
2017/05/11 17:46

  Filter filter pump is characterized by the use of the beginning of the feed when the flow of large head low, to the latter is a small flow of high head, the higher requirements of the pump. For the filter press the installation and use of the pump should pay attention.

  Filter press pump installation Note:

  1. Pump inlet and outlet should be installed valve and rubber shock (pipeline compensator) to facilitate maintenance.

  2. In the pump installation order, first install the inlet and outlet piping, and then fixed anchor bolts, to prevent the connection pipe when the pump tensile stress, damage to the pump.

  3. Exit the pipeline from the long or high pressure filter pump installation position should be installed in the pump outlet check valve to prevent the export of high pressure water hammer on the pump destructive and reflow caused by the wheel reversal.

  4. Pump inlet and outlet piping configuration: In order to reduce the pipeline flow resistance, improve the transport efficiency of the pipeline, pump inlet and outlet diameter should be greater than the pump inlet and outlet caliber.

  5. In order to be more intuitive to see the operation of the pump, should be installed in the pump outlet pressure gauge, pump outlet in the first valve and pump outlet between the straight line.

  6. Pump inlet and outlet piping should be equipped with gravity support system, the pump can not withstand the weight of the pipeline.

  7. return pipe set: filter filter pump in normal working condition, when the pump reaches a certain pressure, flow rate is less than 30% of the rated flow, you must open the valve on the return pipe for shunt, so that both can hold the filter Of the pressure, while ensuring that the material within the pump cavity always maintain a certain water content of the liquid state. Otherwise, the pressure inside the filter press down, the pump cavity of the material due to pressure, in the role of centrifugal force to dry the material, increasing the friction between the material and the pump, shorten the service life of the pump.

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